- Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 30 [1000gs.png]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000gs.png: 30 hours [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Missable achievements: 0 
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
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Welcome to Snaktooth Island, home of the Bugsnax. You are invited here to join the expedition of Lizbert Megafig as her and her group of explorers study and learn what it means to be a Bugsnax!

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
The game has a very specific "point of no return" that it obviously warns you about. Play the story to your heart's content until you get to that point. The story has you gather up all the missing Grumpuses, so once you get to the point of no return, you can stop and complete all of the sidequests.

After you have done everything you need to do you can finish off the game by completing the main quest.

If you complete the main quest early, before finishing all sidequests, don't worry: when you load back into the game you are put right at the point of no return, allowing you to go back and complete any sidequests you didn't finish. Therefore, nothing is missable.

Bugsnax is a very simple game. A couple of the snax were tricky to figure out how to catch, but once you have unlocked all of your snaxtraps you have everything you need.
[XBA would like to thank legendaryjman for this Roadmap]

Bugsnax Achievement Guide

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There are 30 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Complete the main story of Bugsnax.

    The main story involves the investigation of what happened to the town and Lizbert. Throughout the story you will find and bring all the Grumpuses back to Snaxburg.

    You do not need to complete any of the personal sidequests for the different Grumps or collect all the Bugsnax to complete the main story.
  • Catch 100 unique species of Bugsnax.

    There are exactly 100 types of Bugsnax in the main story. Then there are 11 on Brokentooth Island and 1 secret hidden snax. I got this by collecting all of the main bugsnax before I went and did the extra stuff.

    Flavor Falls:
    1. Strabby
    2. Pinkle (requires snackgrappler)
    3. Rootle
    4. White Rootle
    5. Green Lollive (requires lunchpad)
    6. Inchwrap
    7. Sandopede (requires trip shot)
    8. Sub Sandopede (requires trip shot)
    9. Ruby Peelbug (requires buggy ball)
    10. Caramel Poptick
    11. Twisty Snakpod
    12. Wee Mewon (legendary)
    13. Mama Mewon (legendary)
    Garden Grove:
    1. Bunger (requires trip wire or to get a other bunger to run into it)
    2. Fryder
    3. Shishkabug
    4. Sweetiefly (requires lunchpad)
    5. White Strabby
    6. Dr. Sodie
    7. Weenyworm
    8. Cobhopper (requires trip wire)
    9. Crispy Snakpod
    Simmering Springs:
    1. Kweeble
    2. Crapple
    3. Pineantula (requires chocolate and a crapple)
    4. Orange Peelbug (requires buggy ball)
    5. Razzby
    6. Green Grapeskeeto
    7. Snaquiri (requires lunchpad)
    8. Tropicabug
    9. Lovely Sweetiefly (requires lunchpad)
    10. Baja Tacroach
    11. Waffstackarak (requires chocolate and a crapple)
    12. Grumpy Snakpod
    Boiling Bay:
    1. Green Crapple
    2. Grapeskeeto
    3. Golden Kweeble
    4. Greater Cocomite (requires snackgrappler)
    5. Lesser Cocomite (must have aggressive bugsnax run into Cocomite)
    6. La Sodieux
    7. Noodler (requires cold bugsnax to run into it)
    8. Paletoss (requires trip wire and for Paletoss Grande to explode)
    9. Paletoss Grande (requires fire to heat up and trip wire)
    10. Red Banopper (requires trip wire)
    11. Flamin' Cheepoof (requires lunchpad and ice bugsnax)
    12. Sherbie (requires fire)
    13. Fruity Snakpod
    14. Minimaki (legendary)
    15. Megamaki (legendary)
    Scorched Gorge:
    1. BBQ Bunger (requires trip wire)
    2. Sweet Fryder
    3. Ribblepede
    4. Poptick (requires flame to pop)
    5. Spuddy (requires trip wire)
    6. Scorpenyo (need cheese to lure into water)
    7. Shy Weenyworm
    8. Cheepoof (requires lunchpad)
    9. White Cheepoof (requires lunchpad)
    10. Crystal Sweetiefly (requires lunchpad)
    11. Green Peelbug (requires buggy ball)
    12. Puffy Snakpod
    Sizzlin' Sands:
    1. Loaded Spuddy (requires trip wire)
    2. Tacroach (requires Preying Picantis to explode)
    3. Preying Picantis (requires water to cool down and trip wire)
    4. Black Lollive (requires lunchpad)
    5. Buffalocust (requires water to cool down)
    6. Eggler
    7. Flapjackarak (requires trip wire)
    8. Scorpepper (requires water to cool down)
    9. Incherrito
    10. Black Razzby
    11. Sodie D
    12. Cheezer (requires trip wire)
    13. Meaty Snakpod
    14. Bombino (legendary)
    15. Mothza Supreme (legendary)
    Sugerpine Woods:
    1. Kwookie (requires trip wire)
    2. Charmallow (need ice to cool off)
    3. Cinnasnail (requires lunchpad)
    4. Hunnabee
    5. Sprinklepede (requires lunchpad)
    6. Yellow Peelbug (requires buggy ball)
    7. Bopsicle (requires fire to warm up and for Big Bopsicle to explode)
    8. Big Bopsicle (requires fire to warm up and trip wire)
    9. Rainbow Sweetiefly (requires lunchpad)
    10. Nutty Snakpod
    Frosted Peak:
    1. Chippie (requires trip wire)
    2. Chillynilly (requires fire to warm up)
    3. Flutterjam
    4. Mt Sodie
    5. Stewdler (requires ice to cool down)
    6. Aggroll (requires snackgrappler)
    7. Banopper (requires trip wire and Scoopy Banoopy to explode)
    8. Scoopy (require fire to cool down and Scoopy Banoopy to explode)
    9. Cheery (requires Scoopy Banoopy to explode)
    10. Scoopy Banoopy (requires fire to warm up and trip wire)
    11. Instabug
    12. Melty Snakpod
    13. Baby Cakelegs (legendary)
    14. Daddy Cakelegs (legendary)
    Broken Tooth:
    1. Bunger Royale (requires trip wire)
    2. Cheddorb (requires trip wire)
    3. Millimochi (requires fire to warm up)
    4. Spaghider (requires lunchpad)
    5. Clawbsteroni
    6. Tikkada Masala (requires ice to cool down)
    7. Pielobite (requires snackgrappler)
    8. Chocolant
    9. Cellystix
    10. Deviled Eggler (requires ice to cool down)
    11. Cheddaboardle Rex
    The Triplicate Space:
    1. Cappucceetle (require another bugsnax to run into it)
  • Complete all of the side quests.

    The sidequests are the personal missions you get from the various Grumpuses that you bring into town. The sidequests are not all available at the same time because they will require you to catch things in certain zones. You can do them whenever you want but if you wait until you are at the point of no return you will have all of the areas unlocked and be able to just go through them.

    This achievement does not require anything on Broken Tooth Island.

    When all of the sidequests are finished it looks like this:

    Floofty Faces Judgement
    • Head Games!
    • Last Meal!
    • Volunteers Needed!
    Shelda Loses Faith
    • False Idol!
    • Dream of Bugsnax!
    • Box Lunch!
    Snorpy Saves The World
    • Cake Boss!
    • Get Lit!
    • Splitting Up!
    Chandlo Tests His Might
    • Throw Down!
    • Weigh In!
    • Beef Up!
    Cromdo Does Crime
    • A Slice of Heaven!
    • Inside Man!
    • Deal or no Deal!
    Triffany Makes History
    • A Peak to Forget!
    • A Peak to Remember!
    • Dead Man's Chest!
    • That's a Relief
    ​​​​​​WIggle Gets Inspired
    • Dance with the Dragon!
    • Fly me to the Moon!
    • Yellow Submarine!
    Gramble Grows His Horde
    • Love is Patient!
    • More to Love!
    • Training Day!
    • Empty Nest!
    Beffica Seeks The Truth
    • Imitation Beef Part 2!
    • Imitation Beef!
    • The Big Snoop Part 2!
    • The Big Snoop!
    • Rumor Mill Part 2!
    • Rumor Mill!
    Wambus Digs Deeper
    • Harvest Time!
    • Undergrowth!
    • Soiled!
    • Daily Fiber!
    • Soiled!
    • Roots and Fruits!
  • Fully transform every Grumpus.

    It takes 14 Bugsnax to fully transform a Grumpus. Each time you feed them a Bugsnax a different bodypart transforms. The body parts are: right foot, right leg, left foot, left leg, right hand, right arm, left hand, left arm, right horn, left horn, nose, teeth, head, and finally, body. The achievement does not require you to transform Eggabell even though you do get the option to.

    The Grumpus you will need to transform are:
    • Filbo Fiddlepie
    • Wambus Troubleham
    • Beffica Winklesnoot
    • Gramble Gigglefunny
    • Wiggle Wigglebottom
    • Triffany Lottablog
    • Cromdo Face
    • Chandlo Funkbun
    • Snorpy Fizzlebean
    • Floofty Fizzlebean
    • Shelda
  • Defeat all of the Legendary Bugsnax.

    There are four legendary Bugsnax. They will be unlocked from sidequests at first, but then can be repeated and caught multiple times after that.

    Mama Mewon
    Found in Flavor Falls
    Unlocked through the sidequest Throw Down! from Chandlo.
    Strategy: Mama Mewon hates it when you capture a Wee Mewon. Place your snack trap in front of the statue. Capture a wee mewon. The Mama Mewon will attack the trap and be stunned when it hits the statue. Use the snack grappler to knock the stalagmite into the Mewon. Repeat. There is a second part to the fight where Chandlo will distract the Mewon. You have to time knocking the stalagmite into its head.

    Found in Boiling Bay
    Unlocked through the sidequest Dance with the Dragon! from Wiggle.
    Strategy: The Megamaki will follow a path in a circle occasionally throwing objects at you. You can scan the Megamaki to have the path outline appear. You have to set up the trip wire in the Megamaki's path so it runs into it. Then you have to catch as many minimaki as you can. Repeat until only the Megamaki is left.

    Mothza Supreme
    Found in Sizzlin' Sands
    Unlocked through the sidequest A Slice of Heaven! from Cromdo.
    Strategy: Place the lunchpad in the center area on top of the temple. Wait for the whirlwind to knock out some of the bombino. Pick up the bombino (can be grabbed with snackgrappler) and place them on the lunchpad. Launch them into the Mothza. Run down to where the Mothza is and use the snackgrappler on the side of the statue to damage the bugsnax. Repeat. After 2 times there will be a bunch of tornados. I found it easiest to throw the bombino into the tornado under the Mothza and hope it flies up into him.

    Daddy Cakelegs
    Found in Frosted Peak
    Unlocked through the sidequest Cake Time! from Snorpy.
    Strategy: you have to connect the trip wire to the fire caldron. Use the trip wire to light the candles on the Daddy Cakelegs. You can either shoot it at the candle directly or set up the trip wire so the Cakelegs will run into the wire and light the candle. The first round has 2 candles. After you light both it will disappear and drop a bunch of baby cakelegs. Follow them to the second location and repeat the process. It will disappear again. Follow the baby cakelegs to the third area and repeat.
  • Watch all of Lizbert's video diaries.

    There are 6 video diaries but only diaries 1-5 are needed for the achievement.
    • DIary 1 - inside Lizbert's hut. Next to the projector.
    • Diary 2 - inside wooden cabinets in Lizbert's hut. Requires key from Beffica
    • Diary 3 - inside chest in bedroom of Lizbert's house. Requires key from Chandlo.
    • Diary 4 - found next to a backpack on the far right side of Sugerpine Woods. Map to location is given by Wiggle.
    • Diary 5 - in a box inside Shelda's house. Requires key from Floofty.
    Diary 0 is given to you by Eggabell once you find her, but you will already have the achievement.
  • Interview every Grumpus.

    This achievement is for interviewing the 11 Grumpus that you get back to Snaxburg. Interviewing Eggabell and Lizbert are not required.
  • Donate max amount of Bugsnax to Gramble's ranch.

    When you first get Gramble back to Snaxburg you will be told you can donate Bugsnax to Gramble's ranch. You can donate any Bugsnax you want. There are 3 tiers that you unlock that increase your Bugsnax inventory. 8, 12, and 16. You will unlock this achievement and max inventory at the same time.
  • Return every Grumpus to Snaxburg.

    There are 12 Grumpus that you have to return to Snaxburg. All of them are required for the main quest so this is technically unmissable.
    1. Flibo
    2. Wambus
    3. Beffica
    4. Gramble
    5. Wiggle
    6. Triffany
    7. Cromdo
    8. Chandlo
    9. Snorpy
    10. Floofty
    11. Shelda
    12. Eggabell
  • Catch 50 unique species of Bugsnax.

  • Fully transform a Grumpus.

  • Transform a Grumpus with Scoopy, Banopper, and Cheery.

    You can find Scoopy, Banopper and Cheery in Frosted Peak. They are not there normally. Instead, you must get a Scoopy Banoopy to explode into the individual Bugsnax.

    To get a Scoopy Banoopy to explode is easy. Wait for it to be near a fire source. Jump in the fire to light yourself on fire and run into it. Wait for the countdown.

    For a Cheery, just put chocolate on a snacktrap to lure it in.

    Banoppers need you to use the trip wire to catch it while it jumps between trees.

    Scoopy is a little harder. It is frosted so you have to put fire on it first. No matter where the Scoopy Banoopy is when it explodes the Scoopy will always walk over to the cave near the zone entrance. The easiest way I found to catch it is to set up a trip wire in between the two fire cauldrons. Then, lure the Scoopy over to the trip wire with chocolate. Once it hits the fire trip wire it will get knocked out and be able to be picked up.

    Go back to Snaxburg and feed all 3 to a Grumpus and get your achievement. The achievement will not unlock on Eggabell.
  • Stun a Bugsnak with the Trip Shot attached to your Buggy Ball.

    This one is real easy. Find a Bugsnax that is wandering around in a pattern. Cheesy in Sizzlin' Sands, or Kwookie in Sugerpine Woods are pretty easy to use. Place down the trip wire and then the buggy ball. Guide the buggy ball so that the trip wire goes across the Bugsnax's path and boom you have an achievement.

    It can work on anything but I found that aggressive Bugsnax like Bungers or Scoopy Banoopys will attack the buggy ball instead of walking through the trip wire.
  • Empty one biome of all its Snakpods.

    Each zone has five snackpods in them. The snackpods always show up in the same area but do not respawn until you have collected all five.

    The easiest place is Garden Grove. This can be done at any time but I found it easiest once you have the snackgrappler because you can grapple hard to reach snackpods. Here are their locations:
    • Inside Beffica's cave
    • On a tree trunk on the trees outside Beffica's cave's window
    • On the inside of the pillar of the fryder cave.
    • High up on the path wall that leads up to Wampus's garden.
    • On the wall behind the weenyworm.
  • Catch your first Bugsnak.

    Story-related; cannot be missed.
  • Transform a Grumpus with Bunger, Fryder, and Sodie.

    Bungers, Fryders and Sodie are all found inside Garden Grove.

    For a Bunger, you need to either knock it out with another Bunger by putting ketchup on them or use the trip wire.

    For Fryder, you need to put down your snack trap in their cave and put ketchup on it.

    For a Sodie, just put your snacktrap in the path of the Dr. Sodie and catch it.

    Go back to Snaxburg and feed all three to a Grumpus to unlock the achievement.
  • Stun a flying Bugsnak by launching another Bugsnak at it.

    You can earn this achievement right after you get the lunchpad. You can get it from lunching anything into anything else. I got it accidentally by launching the Dr. Sodie in Garden Grove into the Sweetiefly while trying to get the Dr. Sodie into Wampus's garden.
    The fastest way is probably right after getting the lunchpad, going to the other side of the plateau from Cromdo where there is a BBQ Bunger and a Cheepoof. Place the lunchpad down, aim it at the Cheepoof and then lure the Bunger into the trap and launch it.
  • Solve the secret of the lava cave or the secret of the dunes.

    The lava cave is in Boiling Bay. The secret of the dunes is in Sizzlin' Sands. You only need one but I will describe both puzzles.

    Boiling Bay Lava Cave
    In the back of the cave there are four statues. They each have a different set of horns from 1 to 4. You have to activate each statue in order.

    Sizzlin' Sands dunes
    There are four bombino statues all looking in different directions. You have to active them in the order they are looking at each other. The first one is looking at the second one. The second one is looking at the third one. The third one is looking at the fourth one. The fourth one is looking at the pyramid.

    Once you complete one of the puzzles a secret door in between Boiling Bay and Sizzlin'' Sands opens up.
  • Catch more than one Bugsnak in your Snak Trap at once.

    The easiest way to do this is to lure two Bugsnax that like the same sauce into your snacktrap before you close it.

    The Fryder cave in Garden Grove is a good place. Put down the trap. Place ketchup on it and wait for the Fryders.

    Another good place is in Simmering Springs. On the left side of the beach there are two Razzbys. They like chocolate.
  • Scan a Grumpus after saucing them with cheese.

    Considering you can not use your traps while in the village there are limited options you can get this achievement.

    Cheese sauce is obtained in Sizzlin' Sands. It's located high up but you can use your snackgrappler to grab the cheese. 

    Once you have cheese you can drop some on Shelda and get the achievement.

    The only other Grumpus you will have access to cheesing is Eggabell in Frosted Peak. She never returns to the village so she is always out there.
  • Catch 25 unique species of Bugsnax.

  • Find your way to Snaxburg.

    Story-related; cannot be missed.
  • Complete the adventure at Broken Tooth.

    Broken Tooth Island is unlocked after you have completed all of the sidequests. It starts with Snorpy asking Chandlo to go to the beach with him.

    Once on Broken Tooth there are 4 quest lines that you will follow: Triffany, Floofty, Chandlo and Shelda. None of them are terribly long.

    Once you have completed all of the quest lines you will get a final quest to fight another legendary Bugsnax. 

    Achievement unlocks when everyone agrees to go back to the main island.
  • Collect 10 hats.

    Once you start transforming Grumpuses you will find that when you transform their head their hat falls off. For me the first one I did was Wambus and then I found his hat in the wild. Once you find the first hat, Gramble will tell you about the Hat Board. It shows a picture of one of the zones. If you go to that zone one of the Bugsnax will be wearing a hat. Unfortuantely it does not tell you which Bugsnax has the hat so you have to look around. Once you catch the Bugsnax with the hat, the hat is unlocked.

    Travel back to Snaxburg to get a new location. There are more than 10 hats but the achievement unlocks with the tenth one.
  • Fully furnish your hut.

    Once you get Chandlo to return to Snaxburg he will rebuild your hut. Once that is complete Filbo will let you know about the mail request system. These are sidequests that reward you with stuff to furnish your hut with. The achievement is for fully furnishing your hut, not necessarily completing all of the requests. You will have to do at least 50 of them to unlock the second floor. Once you have the second floor you just need to place an object in every spot and you'll get the achievement.

    The spots you are trying to fill are:
    • Garden (front of the hut)
    • Lawn (right side of the hut)
    • Decor (porch to right of front door)
    • Exterior (from large blue icon on left side of but)
    • Wall (lower blue icon on left side of hut)
    • Roof (upper blue icon on left side of hut)
    • Rug (hut floor)
    • Bed (right side of hut interior)
    • Furniture (2 places inside hut)
    • Trinket (3 places inside hut. 2 on furniture and 1 on window seal)
    • Interior (blue icon on inside back of hut)
    • Hanging (2 spots on inside hut walls)
    • Ceiling (roof on the inside)
    • Second floor is furnished separately.
    • Rug (on floor)
    • Furniture (2 places)
    • Interior (blue icon to left of entrance)
    • Trinket (3 places. 2 on furniture, 1 on shelf)
    • Wall (2 placements)
    • Ceiling (roof of second floor)
    There are 105 mail requests. You can have 5 active at a time. Once you complete one you will get a new one. They are gated by main story progression so the further along in the story you are the more you will get. There might even be more than 105 but these are all the ones I got throughout playing.

    They fall into several categories. I will list them out with their rewards. This is not necessarily the order you obtain them.

    Return Grumpus to Snaxburg
    • Filbo - furniture, garden
    • Wambus - lawn
    • Beffica - bed
    • Gramble - hanging
    • Triffany - hanging
    • Wiggle - ceiling
    • Cromdo - garden
    • Chandlo - exterior
    • Snorpy - rug
    • Floofty - garden
    • Shelda - ceiling
    • Eggabell - hanging
    Complete all sidequests
    • Chandlo - trinket
    • Floofty - trinket
    • Wiggle - trinket
    • Cromdo - trinket
    • Beffica - trinket
    • Wambus - trinket, furniture 
    • Shelda - trinket
    • Gramble - trinket
    • Snorpy - trinket 
    • Triffany - trinket
    Main story items - mailed after story progression.
    • Ghost stories - trinket
    • Intrusion - Exterior, Interior
    • Return all Grumpuses- hanging, ceiling
    • Interview with Eggabell - interior, rug
    • Finish Broken Tooth Island - lawn, lawn
    Lost items - there will be a burlap sack hidden somewhere in a zone. Generally they require jumping around the environments.
    • Beffica - Garden Grove. Have to jump on tree tops outside her cave. - rug
    • Wiggle - Simmering Springs - it's on one of the stone pillars in the ocean. Will need to use the lunchpad to get up there. - hanging
    • Flibo - Snaxburg - have to jump from Lizbert's second floor balcony and jump across roofs. - rug
    • Wambush - Flavor Falls - in the very back of Flavor Falls there is a path that leads to a broken bridge. You will need to use the lunchpad to get up there. - exterior
    • Triffany - Frosted Peak - this one is touch. You have to use the lunchpad to work your way all the way up to the top of the mountains peak - decor
    • Cromdo - Scortched Gorge - use lunchpad to get up to rock area above Cromdo Mart plateau - furniture
    • Snorpy - Sugerpine Woods - near the basketball court - roof
    • Floofty - Boiling Bay - inside the lava cave - bed
    • Shelda - Sizzlin' Sands - up where the cheese sauce plants are. Will need some clever lunchpad use. - wall
    • Chandlo - Broken Tooth Island - to the right of temple entrance. Will need to use lunchpad to get to the side of the cliff
    Scan - requires you to scan bugsnax in different situations
    • Scan Sodie watering garden - Garden Grove - use lunchpad to launch Dr. Sodie into Wambus's old garden. Place sauce so sodie cleans it up. Scan - Interior
    • Scan Shy Weenyworm with ketchup - Scorched Gorge - furniture
    • Scan BBQ Bunger on fire - Scorched Gorge - use lunchpad to launch BBQ Bunger off plateau. Lure over to Scorpenyo. Place hot sauce on bunger. Scan once on fire. - rug
    • Scan Hunnabee with basketball on it - Sugerpine Woods - throw basketball at hunnabee. Scan - Interior
    • Scan Crapple carrying another crapple - Simmering Springs - use chocolate to lure one crapple to the other. Put choclate on one of them. They will fight and one will pick up the other. Scan - Exterior
    • Scan Sandopede hanging from Lollive - place cheese in Sandopede. Lollive will grab it. Scan - ceiling
    • Scan Picantis in Flapjackarak's whirlwind - Sizzlin' Sands - wait for flapjackarak to walk to the Picantis side of the desert. Have lure Picantis over to flapjackarak with hot sauce. Scan. - garden
    • Scan frozen Stewdler - Frosted Peak - sleep until night. Place chocolate on the stewdler. Wait for Chillynilly to touch it. Scan - garden
    • Scan Grapesquito on Noodler - Boiling Bay - this one is hard. Lure Noodler out of it's cave using hot sauce. Get Paletoss to attack noodler to calm down it's flames. Put chocolate on Noodler. Scan when Grapesquito comes down. - lawn
    • Scan pinkle in aggroll box - Frosted Peak - in cave near entrance use fire to release the aggroll. Use the snackgrappler to take off it's box and catch it. Use fire to release the pinkle. Use snackgrappler to take it's jar. Throw it's jar away and wait for it to go into the aggroll box. Scan - exterior, bed
    • Scanned 50 items - wall
    Challenge - different things they want you to do
    • Make 2 basketball shots without basketball touching the ground - Snaxburg - pick up basketball and make a basket. After you shoot run under the hoop so you can mash x to catch the basketball before it hits the ground. Make a second basket - hanging, wall
    • Find all the sauces - garden, rug
    • Catch a bugsnax with a full backpack - lawn, interior
    • Get knocked out of bounds by a bugsnax - Frosted Peak- let Scoopy banoopy launch you off the mountain. - furniture, decor
    • Stay on fire for 30 seconds - Boiling Bay - run on the lava for 30 seconds - trinket, ceiling
    • Catch Grambles barn on fire - as far as I can tell this is only done during a Snorpy mission where you are using the trip wire to light torches. One trip wire has to go across Gramble's barn and it will catch something on fire. - furniture
    • Catch 5 snackpods in under 30 seconds - Garden Grove - follow locations from Grab Bag. Use lunchpad to put yourself in Beffica's cave's window so you can see the snackpods on the cave wall and on the tree below. Use snackgrappler to grab the one on the cave and the one on the tree. Jump down, run to fryder cave, grab snackpods. Use stones outside fryder cave to jump up to Wambus's old garden. Use snackgrappler to grab snackpod behind weenyworm. Run down path on the left. Use snackgrappler to grab snackpod high up on the wall to the left. - hanging, interior
    • ​​​​​​Jump from top of Frosted Peak to bottom - climb to where the campsite is at the top of the mountain. At the top of the path where it flattens out there is a fence. If you look down past the fence you can see where Eggabell's campsite is. Make a running jump all the way down to Eggabell. - exterior, lawn
    • ​​5 different bugsnax in 60 seconds - Flavor Falls - set snacktrap near Rootle and use ranch so Rootle stays in the snacktrap. Set up trip wire to stop Sandopede. When. Sandopede hits the tripwire close snacktrap on Rootle. Catch that. Grab Sandopede and Sub Sandopede. Run forward. Use snackgrappler on Pinkle's jar. Grab Pinkle. Set down trap to catch Strabby. - ceiling
    • Feed 25 different bugsnax to a Grumpus - bed
    • Catch 10 bugsnax in 90 seconds - Flavor Falls - use same set up from catch 5 in 60 seconds. Grab the Rootle, all 4 Sandopedes, the pinkle, the 2 Strabby, run into the cave for a second pinkle, and the inchwrap. You can also grap any snackpods you see it make it faster. - bed, furniture 
    • Put up posters for Cromdo Mart - roof
    • 80 letters - lawn, decor
    • Pick up trash - hanging, ceiling
    • Watch Diary 0 - interior, furniture 
    • Catch 3 bugsnax in one trap - tough. In Simmering Springs a lot of Bugsnax like chocolate. On the left side of the beach there is 2 razzbys. You can get them and a crapple into a snacktrap at the same time. - bed, garden
    • Find triangle key - interior, rug
    • Find all 10 tapes in Triangle Area - 9 of the tapes are out in the open. One tape is hidden. The hidden tape is in the room with the swinging pendulum. Turn all Grumpus statues to face the middle. Tape appears in the sand. - ceiling, lawn
    Capture all Bugsnax in zone - this mail does not come right away, but once you get it it will complete automatically if you have caught everything a zone.
    • Garden Grove - furniture
    • Simmering Springs - garden
    • Scorched Gorge - rug
    • Flavor Falls - bed
    • Boiling Bay - Exterior
    • Sizzlin' Sands - Interior
    • Sugerpine Woods - lawn
    • Frosted Peak - ceiling
    • Broken Tooth Island - ceiling
    • Catch all Bugsnax - trinket, hanging
    Mystery Grumpus - the letter is a clue to who wants a specific bugsnax. If you happened to have fed the bugsnax to that Grumpus the mission will complete automatically.
    • Baja Tacroach - Chandlo - bed
    • Instabug - Beffica - hanging
    • Aggroll - Snorpy - exterior, garden
    • Flamin' Cheepoof - Cromdo - lawn
    • Carmel Poptick - Wambus - interior
    Mystery Bugsnax - gramble will what you to donate specific bugsnax to his barn. If you have already donated the bugsnax when you get the mail it will complete automatically.
    • Big Heart - Lovely Sweetiefly - garden
    • Tablecloth - BBQ Bunger - lawn
    • Fruity snack - Cheery - exterior
    • Jumps in trees - Cobhopper - bed
    • Go for the gold - Golden Kweeble - furniture
    • Flies in the desert - Black Lollive - ceiling
    • Hides in bushes - Tropicabug - roof
    • Strabby but different - White Strabby - rug
    • Small bugsnax out if a Picantis - Tacroach - interior
    • 4 legendary snax - bed
    Bugsnax set - feed one Grumpus a set of bugsnax
    • 4 Peelbugs - lawn
    • 3 breakfast snax - need waffstackarak, flapjackarak, and a flutterjam - bed
    • 4 sodies - ceiling
    • 8 snackpods - hanging, rug
    • 4 Sweetiefly - furniture, interior
    • 3 compound bugsnax - can be any of Paletoss Grande, Big Bopsicle, Scoopy Banoopy, Picantis - ceiling, interior
    • 13 fruit - can use anything with the "fruity" tag - wall, rug
    • 8 chocolate - there are only 9 in the game to use. Kwookie, charmallow, chippie, chillynilly, Scoopy, baby cakelegs, Scoopy banoopy, pielobite, and chocolant - hanging, interior
    • 13 cheese - there are a lot of cheese snax: Sandopede, sub Sandopede, Cheepoof, White Cheepoof, flamin' Cheepoof, bunger, bbq Bunger, shy Weenyworm, loaded Spuddy, Tacroach, Picantis, incherrito, cheezer, bombino, Mothza supreme, cheddorb, cheddaboardle Rex - furniture, roof
    Shelda - she will have you hunt down specific bugsnax
    • Green Crapple - furniture, rug
    • Razzby - exterior
    • Scorpepper or Scorpenyo - lawn
    • Loaded Spuddy - bed, garden
    • Spaghider - hanging

Secret achievements

  • All of the Grumpuses survive.

    Completing all of the sidequests for each Grumpus will ensure that they survive the final mission. 

    The quests from Broken Tooth and the letter quests are not necessary.

    See Sidetracked (80G) for more information on the quests.
  • Scan the Snaxsquatch.

    The Snaxsquatch is a mysterious creature that is part of the main story. I only ever saw it in my game naturally once, and I missed scanning it.

    There are ways to make it appear but they are unnecessary. The Snaxsquatch shows up very prominently in the final mission of the main quest. Very easy to scan there.
  • Transform Gramble.

    Poor Gramble. This achievement is kinda messed up. Gramble loves the Bugsnax you donate to him like family. He refuses to eat them. Once he has come back to Snaxburg, sleep until midnight.

    At midnight he sleepwalks outside of his house. You can talk with him while he is asleep and feed him Bugsnax. The achievement unlocks after the first snax.

    This is also how you will fully transform him for Feeding Frenzy (70G).
  • Steal Beffica's diary from her cave.

    Once you convince Beffica to return to Snaxburg go back to Garden Grove. Inside Beffica's cave is her diary. Grab it for an achievement.
  • Check behind the waterfall for secrets.

    In the first area you find Filbo there is a waterfall behind him. Go through that waterfall for your achievement.

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