Return to Monkey Island Isn't Coming to Xbox at Launch

Return to Monkey Island Isn't Coming to Xbox at Launch

Matt Lorrigan

Return to Monkey Island won't be arriving on Xbox consoles when it first launches later this year.

The long-awaited Monkey Island sequel from Ron Gilbert was announced earlier this year, although with no confirmed platforms. However, we got our first look at gameplay during yesterday's Nintendo Direct, and only two platforms were announced - Nintendo Switch and PC.

However, while it's not unusual for multiplatform games to be announced during Nintendo showcases without confirmation of Xbox or PlayStation releases, Nintendo later did confirm that the game would be a timed console exclusive on Nintendo Switch.

“Monkey around in Return to Monkey Island, launching first for consoles on Nintendo Switch later this year,” read the official press release from Nintendo.

While Return to Monkey Island won't be coming to Xbox consoles when it first launches, we certainly wouldn't be surprised to see it arrive on Xbox or PlayStation later down the line, once the game's timed exclusivity has expired. If you're still interested in the upcoming adventure game, you can check out the new gameplay trailer down below.

  • With what they’ve done to the art style, I couldn’t care less.
  • I was a bit pissy when I heard earlier today it's not releasing on all consoles at the same time but have to agree that the visuals are hardly appealing.
  • Yeah I was looking forward to it, even if there’s a delay before we can play, but after looking at it, ehhh yikes.
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