XIII Remake to Get Huge Update From New Developer With Reworked Art Style, Improved AI, and More

XIII Remake to Get Huge Update From New Developer With Reworked Art Style, Improved AI, and More

Matt Lorrigan

Publisher Microids has announced that 2020's maligned XIII remake will be getting a big free update this September.

In a rather bold move, Microids has moved development of the XIII remake away from PlayMagic, and instead entrusted French studio Tower Five with working on the project. The result is this update, which has been in the works for over a year, and should help players “enjoy the game as intended”.

“The development studio reworked the entire game from the Art Direction to the AI and added numerous technical improvements,” reads the official announcement.

You can see a full list of the changes coming to XIII on Xbox down below.

  • Refined Art Style
  • Enhanced A.I.
  • Reworked HUD
  • Revamped Sound Design
  • 60FPS on Xbox Series X|S / PlayStation 5
  • Online Multiplayer (2-13 players)

XIII launched on Xbox One in November 2020 and was heavily criticised for its extensive number of bugs and glitches, while it also pared back the original game's cel-shaded artwork, leading Microids and original developer PlayMagic to apologise for the state of the game at the time.

With this new update, it will be interesting to see how much of a difference it will make to the game's art style, and whether this can really turn around the fate of the much-maligned remake. The update will be launching across all platforms on 13th September 2022.

  • Here’s hoping this finally makes the game what it should have been all along. While the state it released in is inexcusable, it’s still commendable that they haven’t just abandoned it and actually worked towards fixes
  • This is great news. I picked this game up for cheap recently and hadn't even tried to play it because the reviews were so bad. I' looking forward to finally playing it.
  • Man, imagine fucking up a remake so much, that another developer has to fix your mess 2 years down the line. Here's hoping Tower Five can save it!
  • Well this was rather random and unexpected, but if they pull it off, I'd probably pick this down the line, as I liked the original version when it came out, just never finished it.
  • Already 1Ked the game and didn't really enjoy it - so I absolutely don't care for this update as it's coming at least 1 year too late.
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